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Process Focus

Our process driven approach to metal finishing allows us to eliminate the guesswork typically associated with coating application. By carefully reviewing the characteristics of every part, Finishing Services is able to optimize line loading and control part to part processing variability. This approach allows us to finish a wide variety of materials with only minimal adjustments to processing parameters and little or no line set-up. Our commitment to automate systems whenever practical further enhances our capabilities. All of Finishing Services’ coating equipment is fully automated as are the chemical feed systems on many of our process tanks. In order to provide consistently high levels of product quality and meet our customers need for quick product turn-around it is critical that we identify and eliminate sources of variation. Our process driven approach to metal finishing allows us to accomplish this goal.

Testing Capabilities

Finishing Services has an on-site laboratory that adheres to all applicable ASTM, ISO and CQI11 standards.  In addition, we are able to coat and test in accordance with virtually all automotive specifications.


Ph Meter
Conductivity Meter
X-Ray Fluorescence
Salt Spray Cabinet
Atomic Absorption

Available Testing

Coating Thickness
Wet Analysis